Web Application

From the OWASP Top 10 risks to vulnerable web app components and APIs, PentestBX Web App Scanning offers a thorough and precise vulnerability assessment. Achieve unified visibility into IT and web application vulnerabilities to enhance operational efficiency.

Mailbox Threats

From the latest malware samples to assessing spam filter responses, mailbox threats provides a comprehensive and accurate security assessment. Gain unified visibility of email security vulnerabilities to enhance operational efficiency.

Attack Surface Management

Continuously identifies and assesses an organization's IT assets to determine their security posture and potential attack vectors.

Account Leaks

Detects and reports corporate account data that has leaked online, helping secure compromised credentials.

Vulnerabilities Watcher

Tracks current CVE vulnerabilities and passively identifies affected systems within your network.

Cyber News

Provides the latest updates on cybersecurity threats, incidents, and trends to keep you informed.